Natacha Mankowski practices architecture in the surface. Her work evolves around her ongoing investigation in the immersive qualities of architecture and its practice as an all inclusive experience. By radically liberating her praxis from its conventional tools or classical forms of architecture, she creates spaces to return to the very essence of her view as a architect.

Her work has been presented at various international art centers including : Zentrum fur Kunst ind Urbanistik (Berlin, GE) 2014 ; the Watermill Center (NY, USA) 2015, Pole muséal de Lisieux – Ateliers Intermédiaires (Lisieux, FR) 2015, Ceci Foundation (Berlin, GE) 2016, New Day Gallery (Berlin, GE) 2016, Souvenirs (Berlin, GE) 2016, the Epigraphic Museum (Athens, GR) 2018, Deschool and ISO (Amsterdam, NL) 2019.

Natacha Mankowski has also collaborated with a range of artists, designers and curators for projects, festivals and site-specific venues such as : Month of Performance (Berlin, GE) 2014, Kreuzberg Pavillion (Berlin, GE) 2014, Berlin Art Week 2015, Traverse Festival (Toulouse, FR) 2016, Festival of Lights (Berlin, GE) 2016, Berghain (Berlin, GE) 2015 – 2017, Design Parade (Toulon, FR) 2018, Get Lost – Art Route (Amsterdam, NL) 2019.

She has been invited to numerous artist residency programs around the world, such as : Villa Lena (IT) 2015, The Brooklyn Navy Yard (NY, USA) 2015, the Watermill center (NY, 2015), Mana Contemporary (NJ, USA) 2016, Le Consulat (Paris, 2018), Palazzo Monti (Breshia, 2019). Since 2015, Natacha Mankowski has been teaching and speaking about her work at institutions, such as the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Natacha Mankowski is part of the Taylor Foundation in Paris and was the recipient of the Tony Garnier Prize, for Architecture and Urbanism awarded by the Académie Française d’Architecture in Paris.